tile quilt

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Unknown Quilt Maker
Unknown Origin
69 x 69 inches
Circa 1880 - 1890
Wool Challis

Imperfect ... Rare ...
and Very, Very Cool

"Tile" Quilts are a sub-category of Crazy Quilts -- a hybrid, perhaps of applique and crazy. In traditional Crazy Quilts, the pieces typically overlap, where in Tile Quilts the random shapes are applied to a ground with spaces between each piece. The ground, the "foundation," is usually unprinted and light in color.

Since the spaces left are of the same width, it gives the impression of "grout" between the "tiles." We have heard this type of quilt also called "Cobblestones."

Fewer than 25 antique examples of Tile Quilts are known. This one, made almost entirely of challis, is the only wool example we know of. Very, very rare.

Made in the last decades of the 19th century, this graphic quilt is rather small ~ 69 inches square ~ a great size for hanging.

It is separately bound and has the foundation as its back ~ it is a finished quilt with only two layers and no quilting.

A very few of the individual wool pieces have weakened or disappeared ~ this is not in perfect condition. Overall, it is very sturdy, and shows well.

Hand appliqued.


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