"happy kids" crib quilt

Crib Quilt

Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Arizona
38 x 54 inches
Circa 1940

We don't know the "official" name of this design, which was likely a kit or pattern sold commercially in the 1930s and 1940s  (Let us know if YOU do...) 

So ,we named it "Happy Kids."  Sounded right to us...

The quilt is in EXCELLENT CONDITION with no wear, holes, or fading.  The fabric is strong and sturdy.  The charming quilt is fresh and clean ~ we had it professionally laundered.

Expertly hand appliqued, it is also hand quilted ~ with blue embroidery thread. The quilt maker did crosshatch quilting in the center section, and indulged  in flourishes in the borders, where she quilted a lovely vine with leaves and buds...

The back of the quilt is a comfy satin, pre-quilted fabric (see last photo).  She must have added a second back for comfort and warmth.

The interior hand embroidery is wonderful.  Check out the many lovingly embroidered details: the clock face, the hair on the kids and the Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, the rocking horse's saddle, bit, and tail ~ and more...

Hang it on a wall ~ or use it for a cover ~ or floor pad for a treasured kid to crawl on and enjoy ~

A gift of love for any child, young or old...


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