grandmother's flower garden

Grandmother's Flower Garden

Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in California
68 x 100 inches
Circa 1930

Just About the Best Example We Have Seen...

There are Grandmother's Flower Gardens ...
and then there are Great Grandmother's Flower Gardens!

Pleasing proportions, wonderful balance of colors,
thousands of small hexagons, skillfully pieced.

Notice the jadite green diamonds placed between every "flower" ...
this is called the "Garden Walkway,"
and represents a huge number of additional hours.

The quilt maker "framed" her garden with just-the-right width
of a jadite green border, which, with the green diamonds,
anchors the many different 1930s prints.

FINE hand quilting -- executed at 9 stitches per inch,
and around every side of each of the small hexagons.
The quilt maker quilted her solid green border in "Hanging Diamonds."

with no wear, tears, holes, fading or stains.
All fabrics are cotton and without weakness.

Measuring a generous 68 x 100 inches,
this fantastic rendition of an American classic quilt
is large enough to work on a modern bed.

1930s American quilts truly don't get much better than this wonderful
Great-Grandmother's Flower Garden!


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