new york beauty

"American Woman's Own Quilt Block"
Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Oregon
74 x 84 inches
Circa 1900

Most Unusual Variation
This is a variant of a traditional American patchwork design variously called 
  • Rocky Mountain Road"
  • "Rocky Mountain" 
  • ”Rail Through The Mountains” 
  • "Crown of Thorns" 
  • "The Great Divide"
The pattern, constructed this way, was apparently published in Hearth and Home;
there it was named "American Woman's Own Quilt Block."

Most often, these blocks are set together to make an overall design,
but here the quilt maker separated the units, and let them "float"within a Zig Zag
or Lightning Streak setting.

These end up looking to us like some elaborate traffic sign
with arrows pointing in every direction. ("Which way?" ... "I dunno!")

Beautifully constructed,
with curved seams and meticulously pieced pointy points.

with no holes, tears, fading or fabric weaknesses.

Strong and sturdy, lightweight.
All cottons ~ most of them prints, which gives the quilt sparkle.

Hand quilted in "hanging diamonds" at a very respectable 7 to 8 stitches per inch
(counting one side only.)

Graphic and Rare.

Price: $1,850
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