Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Ohio
76 x 92 inches
Circa 1860


This mid-19th century applique quilt has it all...

Beautifully designed, with spectacular color 
(including the ever-popular cheddar).

Wonderful complex borders, "good age," and superb hand quilting.

The surface is covered with dense, elaborate quilting designs, 
executed at 9 -10 stitches per inch (counting one side only).

Tight crosshatch quilting anchors the texture of the white ground.
The quilt maker filled in the appropriate space with feathers and feather wreaths.

The applique is quilted with conforming stitching,
which has the lovely advantage of strengthening those colorful designs.

Check out the heart-like configuration where the stems meet the buds.

Excellent Condition.

Looks great on a wall, as well as on a bed. 
The half blocks were likely designed for the foot of the bed. 

Price: $OLD
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