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We offer the following fully packaged exhibitions:

Off the Wall: Maverick Quilts
Like with folk sculpture or painting, there’s a sense of play and infectious fun in these quirky, eccentric, and very personal antique Maverick quilts.

Mark My Words: Textiles and Text
Political, religious, factual, memorial, and affection expressed in letters and words on 19th century quilts. Text IN textiles!

American Quilts: The Democratic Art (1750 -2008)
An exhibition based on the award winning book by Robert Shaw. This major exhibition tells the “Big Story” of American quilts and quilt makers. Provides and in-depth look at the art, history and cultural importance of American Quilts. Co-curated by Shaw.

True Blue: Antique Indigo Quilts
The renowned Al and Merry Silber Collection featuring indigo and white quilts made between 1820 and 1900. These “True Blues” were among the favorites of America’s early quilt makers.

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Mark My Words: Textiles and Text

Nearly from the start, quilters have at times incorporated the written word into their work. Of course, many quilts are signed with the maker’s name. But beyond that, words have been used for design, explanatory or commemorative reasons.

The exhibit draws on several well-known collections, including the former Esprit Quilt Collections, and highlights quilts with political, religious, factual, memorial, and affectionate meaning expressed in letters and words which are incorporated into the designs.

The “messages” are moving, surprising and powerful

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