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Hearts & Hands DVD
Pat Ferrero, Director

Julie Silber, Associate Producer

"Hearts & Hands" dramatically presents a vital part of American history only now beginning to be told – the role played by women and their textiles in the 19th century’s great movements and events including the Civil War, the abolition of slavery, westward expansion, the suffrage and temperance movements.

The film explores the astonishing lives and accomplishments of ordinary, often anonymous women, as well as chronicling the lives of extraordinary individuals such as Harriet Tubman, Elizabeth Keckley, Frances Willard and Abigail Scott Duniway.

“Beautifully structured – a new form for telling history.”
-William Sloan, Circulation Film Library, MOMA, NY

“…A wonderful overview of the 19th century told through letters, diaries, still photographs and needlework of women…Incredibly rich…beautiful to watch.”
-Sarasota Herald Tribune

Hearts & Hands: 19th Century Women and Their Quilts

60 minutes /All regions / SDH: Subtitled for Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Producer/Director: Pat Ferrero
Quilts courtesy of The Quilt Complex
Photos courtesy of America Hurrah


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