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Hearts and Hands:
Women, Quilts, and American Society

Elaine Hedges, Pat Ferrero, and Julie Silber

19th Century American life, as it was experienced and recorded by women, comes alive in these photograph-laden pages. Universally praised and recommended by quilt experts and scholars, this soft cover edition, printed by Rutledge Hill Press in 1996, is a must for every quilt lover's library. Illustrated throughout with full color photos of incomparable antique quilts, and with black and white historical images.

Here is what Gloria Steinem had to say after reading Hearts and Hands:

"(It's) as beautiful as the best art book and as fascinating as the best historical novel. It shows us how women, both black and white, created a great American art form from the fabric of their lives."

SIGNED by Julie Silber and Pat Ferrero

Publisher: Rutledge Hill Press 1996
108 pp., 8.75 x 11 inches
Condition: Unused - Out of Print…limited availability


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