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Quilt Stamps
We are happy to offer these historic USPS stamps unavailable elsewhere.

Did you ever wonder how a U.S. Postage Stamp evolves? In the year 2000, the United States Postal Service asked E

sprit de Corp. to work with them on a stamp celebrating antique Amish Quilts made in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Esprit, a manufacturer of women's sportswear, had a unique corporate art collection : the finest group of antique Amish quilts in the world. Julie Silber is curator of that collection,


ly assembled by Doug Tompkins, a co-founder of the company. Julie was asked to choose the four quilts to be depicted. Her goal was to try to "tell the story" of Lancaster County, PA Amish quilts in just a few images. The Quilt Complex provided the USPS with top quality photographs -- of a "Lone Star," a "Diamond," a "Puss in the Corner," and a "Sunshine and Shadow" quilt. We worked with the USPS designers to achieve accurate color and an appropriate graphic style. The 34 cent stamps were first issued on August 9, 2001 in Nappanee, IN. We are happy to be able to exclusively offer these historic stamps in the configurations here.

Official First Day Covers
Mint condition First Day Covers, designed by TQC, are enclosed in plastic as they were received directly from the USPS.


Sunshine & Shadow

Lone Star

Puss i
n the Corner

$5 each
We are also offering these Official First Day Covers with a simple white mat suitable for framing.
Price: $9.00 matted
$18.00 Set of 4 without mat
$20.00 Set of 3 matted Sorry, the matted “Puss In The Corner” FDC is Sold Out
There are a select number of FDC's with frames.
Please call for more information.

( are offering these 4 stamps in various configurations.

nal Sheet of Stamps

Matted Single Stamp
suitable for framing
5" x 5"

All four individual stamps:


Sunshine & Shadow
Lone Star
Puss in the Corner

Available matted only.
Price: $1.00 each

Together these form a lovely grouping

Matted Block of Four
suitable for framing
All four stamps in block configuration
Price: $5.00 each

Matted Block of Four
suitable for framing
All four stamps in block in block configuration
Price: $5.00 each

There are a select group of these matted stamps with frames.

Please contact us.