amish "rabbit paw"


Unknown Amish Quilt Maker (Initialed "JDF")
61 x 78 inches
Dated in embroidery: "Jan. 22 1930"

This "Rabbit Paw" has the lively color we often find in Indiana Amish quilts.

It is also distinguished by its prominent
, hand embroidered initials and date: "JDF Jan. 22 1930"

Densely hand quilted, executed at about 10 tiny even stitches per inch,
counting one side only.

This beauty is hand quilted with the
non-contrasting color thread which characterize Amish quilts.

All cottons. Excellent Condition. 

Prepared with Velcro on the back for easy display.

Esprit Quilt Collection

Price: $1,675  

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