birds in the air

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Unknown Quilt Maker
84 x 92 inches
Circa 1880

What A Quilt !

Quilts which feature triangles often have traditional names 
with the words associated with Birds: 
 "Geese in Flight," "Wild Goose Chase," "Bird at the Window," etc.)

This way of organizing tons of small "half square" triangles, 

where one half is dark and the other light is usually called "Birds in the Air."

Here is a superb example, 
where the quilt maker placed her horizontal rows of colors 
in an especially graphic way, almost like "punctuation points,"
or perhaps, better, a musical analogy:  "rests."

She surrounded her glorious design with a wide border of a fabulous floral print ~ 

and she used an amazing array of cottons prints within. 
Check out our many photos below.

he back is also another great 1880's printed fabric, and she finished the quilt with a separately applied Double Pink print binding. Hand quilted.

EXCELLENT CONDITION with no wear, tears, stains, fading, 
and no fabric weakness

Flat and lightweight, strong and sturdy.

Price: $950

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