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"Zig Zag" variation

Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Ohio
76 x 94 inches
Circa 1880

From The Esprit Quilt Collection...

This very special late 19th century Postage Stamp quilt was made by a woman of vision and skill.

The more than 4,500 pieces ~ each a square measuring 1.25 inches square ~ were carefully cut and precisely pieced.

But the quilt maker's real talent shows in the graphic impact of this relatively simple pattern.

Her vision of the overall organization of the many small pieces is stunning. And she certainly knew how to work with color! What a wonderful range of hues and prints in these cottons !

Nowadays, they would call this "Bargello." Of course, we don't know how the now unknown quilt maker might have referred to it. The person from whom Esprit bought this quilt called it "Northern Lights" ~ her own pet name for this vibrating graphic beauty.

The quilt is entirely cotton, and entirely hand made. She hand quilted the quilt in "Baptist Fans," sometimes also called "Clamshell" or "elbow quilting."

PRICE: $3,800  


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