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Log Cabin/Chinese Coins
chinese coins quilt

Unknown Quilt Maker
Probably Pennsylvania
Circa 1880
Wool challis

The end of the 19th century saw a spate of quilts made with fabrics known as "wool challis."

Challis, at that time, was almost always wool ~ a plain, lightweight weave which was often printed. Printed wools! These soft, pliable materials were used in dresses and skirts, as well as shirts and even pajamas.

Naturally, then, we see challis show up in quilts made in the last decades of the 1800s.
It seems to appear most often in Log Cabin quilts, and it shows up as favored in Pennsylvania.

Here's a very handsome and graphic interpretation ~ in which the woman made some interesting, unusual juxtapositions. Note, in particular the variation in the width of the strips she used -- from quite wide in the "alternate" strips to the teeny, tiny (1/4 inch!) "logs" in the Log Cabin section.

Here is what our pal, Joe the Quilter, has to say about this one:

"With its affinity for long straight seams, the sewing machine led to great changes in quilt design. Narrow fabric strips took new precedence in quilts after the Civil War. Here we have the wool challis popular in the 1870s and 1880s in a whole variety of strip designs.

The Log Cabin blocks are isolated from the Chinese Coins sections by long strips.
All these elements are organized into a symphonic arrangement of light and dark. Even the binding seems to contribute to the alternating light and dark theme of the quilt."

Comes with documentation of its provenance as part of the renowned Esprit Quilt Collection.

Price:  $1,950  

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