Unknown Quilt Maker
Southern U.S.
84 x 84 inches
Circa 1860
Esprit Quilt Collection


A stunning 19th century Southern quilt straight out the Esprit Quilt Collection
and fresh to the Market...

It is most common to see the "Sunburst" design as a central medallion style quilt ~ 

with one large Sunburst right in the center ~ like a Lone Star...

But this beauty is organized in a Four Block format;

it is graphically bold and large scale ~  and would work well in a large space.

Though we do not know exactly where it was made, 

these particular colors (especially the solid ones, including "cheddar"), 
as well as the appearance of both dark and light quilting threads 
strongly suggest a quilt made in the American South.

All cottons, the quilt was put together around 1860.

The quilt maker was really good -- her piecing is precise, her hand quilting is very
well executed and well designed, and her overall design sense is superb.

We especially like the center Ninepatch where the triple sashing meets, 
and that the quilt maker added three borders ~
the last of which she finished with mitered corners.

The quilting is "by the piece" in the Starbursts; 
it also fills in the blue ground behind them. 
Outer and inner borders are filled with hand quilted chevrons.

Excellent, Sturdy Condition

The quilt was part of the Esprit Quilt Collection and was featured there -- 
hanging in a prominent place in the company headquarters in San Francisco. 

It has been professionally prepared to hang on a wall, 
with Velcro sewed around all four sides. (This can easily be removed)

The quilt comes with official paperwork documenting its 
provenance as part of the world renowned Esprit Quilt Collection.

Price:  $1,250

Sale Price $950
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