(with Crazy Quilt borders)

Unknown Quilt Maker
80 x 84 inches
Circa 1890
David Davies, Mary Strickler's Quilt Collection, Esprit Quilt Collection


This wonderful quilt has been in the Esprit Quilt Collection for over 30 years. It is completely Fresh to the Market ~ for sale for the first time since then.

The quilt has had an interesting history. I bought it in the mid 1970s from New Yorker, David Davies, an internationally known collector of American Folk Art. It remained in the collection of Mary Strickler's Quilt for about five years.

As a co-owner of Mary Strickler's Quilt gallery, I sold the quilt to Doug Tompkins, co-founder of Esprit in about 1979.

At the end of the 19th century, a Maine quilt maker, combined two traditional quilt designs to create a memorably graphic work with a very "modern" look.

Using only unprinted cottons of very high quality, she surrounded a large center field of "Bricks" with a wide border of "Crazy," random-shaped pieces of the same fabrics.

The quilt is in very good condition and displays beautifully. The fine cotton fabrics are very thin, and a few have the beginning of breakage. We would recommend that this stunning quilt be hung on a wall, rather than used conventionally on a bed.

The graphics speak for themselves.

Hand quilted, very sparely, this is an all original "summer" quilt, with its original back, no batting, and a separately applied binding.

Price: $885 .....  SALE!  $585

^Note shattering of small triangular piece, lower left^