amish bricks


Unknown Amish Maker
Holmes County, Ohio
70 x 82 inches

Circa 1950


From the Renowned Esprit Quilt Collection

Certain patterns show up frequently 

in quilts made by the Amish in Holmes County, Ohio. 

Among them is this design called "Bricks" or "Lightning Streak."

It's very simple design, a one-patch, constructed with rectangles, off set 

... just the way real bricks are...

When the colors are organized this way, 

you can see why the pattern is also called "Lightning Streak."

These all cottons are in the palette preferred by the  

Amish women in Ohio.

The predominance of shades of blue and black tend to narrow 
the origin to Holmes County, Ohio,
home to the largest Amish community in the world.

The quilt is hand quilted in an interesting and unusual way. 

The quilting pattern is single leaves, drawn to fit the rectangles. 
The leaf design was drawn on in ink rather than pencil or chalk.

The pleasingly graphic interior design is bordered in the 

traditional Midwest Amish style -- 
narrow inner border, followed by a wider outer. 

Finished with a separately applied binding.

In Excellent Condition. Flat and square.

The buyer will receive copies of the official paperwork from Esprit's records.

Price: $950  HOLD

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