"dressmaker's" log cabin


"Double Light and Dark" Variation

Unknown Maker
Probably Pennsylvania
75 x 75 inches

Circa 1880

Cottons, silks

6,800 Pieces!

When Susie Tompkins bought this quilt for her Esprit Quilt Collection
, in the early 1990s, the seller explained why she called the quilt "The Dressmaker's Log Cabin."

The 6,800 very small pieces (each about 1/4 inch wide) are in a variety of colors, as you can see. But some of them are the same print in differing color ways.

The last owner imagined that it might have been made by a woman who sewed for others, and used leftover fabric to make this spectacular quilt for herself. She wondered if the quilt maker might have worked at a factory, perhaps a textile mill.

In any case, this late 19th century quilt maker knew what she was doing and created a stunning "Double Light and Dark" variation on the traditional Log Cabin design.

The quilt is composed primarily of a glorious mix of printed and solid cottons ~ wonderful examples of madders, paisleys, stripes and dots ~ carefully placed for maximum graphic effect! Some might call it "fussy cut!"

The back is another great print, and even the binding is special ~ done in a woven tape of glowing blue and green plaid.

The quilt is in crisp, unused condition. Flat and square. Some of the silks are beginning to shatter.

The buyer will receive copies of the official paperwork from Esprit's records.

Price: $2,950  HOLD