amish hourglass


Unknown Quilt Maker
Said to be Canadian Amish
72 x 84 inches
Circa 1900

A de-accession from the renowned Esprit Quilt Collection.

This was sold to Esprit as a "Canadian Amish" quilt, circa 1900, and since we have not seen enough Canadian Amish quilts to compare it to, we're going with what we were told.

It could as easily be anAmerican early whole cloth wool quilts, particularly in the relatively heavy wool that was used here, and the simple hand quilting.

This is a not a whole cloth quilt; rather it is a pieced quilt made in blocks, with small light triangles in most corners. The triangles come together to create "Hourglasses" which float on a sea of indigo.

In Excellent Condition.

We have rarely seen anything with the hauntingly simple quality of this quilt, made in the last century. The later "Minimalists" had nothing on the woman who made this quilt.

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Sale Price:  $1,450

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