crazy quilt


Unknown African American Quilt Maker
68 X 75 inches
Circa 1950
Esprit Quilt Collection

"PEACE," indeed...

Susie Tompkins Buell purchased this quilt (and another by the same maker that we have listed here) from a fine gallery of American folk art in the 1990s.

It was described as made by an African American quilt maker in Alabama, but there was no specific name attached to it.

This quilt maker put a special message on her quilt by hand embroidering the word "PEACE," in a vertical format.

All cottons and entirely hand quilted, it has a pleasing abstract composition in which the quilt maker used only right angles in her patchwork.

Her quilt achieves a very pleasing balance and harmony, by the distribution of dark and light colors, (and OH, that RED!) and by the skillful placement of differing size pieces.

Hand quilted in both straight line quilting and Clamshell quilting.

In Excellent Condition.

Price: $685

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