String quilt


Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in California
66 x 84 inches
Circa 1880

* Amazing *

Late Victorian "String" Quilt

This wonderful quilt nearly completely speaks for itself.

It is made of well over 13,000 pieces, most of them silks ~ and most of them triangles and trapezoids that make up each of the 2000 small "string" blocks.

The center section is surrounded by a red and black "piano key" border, which helps contain and organize the kaleidoscopic center. That amazing center might have become rowdy and unruly without the governance of gently orderly borders.

Made around 1890, at the end of the 19th century, the quilt has the detailed, obsessive quality we associate with late Victorian style. A friend used a phrase we love ~ she tells us she collects "quilts of wretched excess."

Pieced by hand and also hand embroidered with nice, even feather stitching in the borders. Check how this fascinating quilt maker finished her corners.

The condition of the quilt is not perfect. Many of the small silk pieces are compromised ~ in some degree of shattering. See detail photos below.

However, the quilt displays beautifully ~ see how our full photograph looks. From a couple of feet away, it looks intact, so the fabulous graphic impact is unaffected.

Lightly quilted, with an exuberant, floral back.

A superb example of a Victorian textile.

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