amish double ninepatch

Lancaster Co, PA Amish

Unknown Amish Quilt Maker
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
78 x 78 inches
Circa 1920


This superb, ALL WOOL example
of an authentic, classic Lancaster Amish quilt was
published in the
1977 Quilt Engagement Calendar (E.P. Dutton).

This Double Ninepatch has been in the renowned Esprit Quilt Collection
since the late 1980's,
and it is on the market for the first time since then.

This treasure is beautifully made with precise piecing of many small pieces
and the masterful hand quilting for which the Amish are known.

The quilting weighs in at an impressive 11+ tiny stitches per inch (counting one side only).
The quilt maker used non-contrasting color thread, another hall mark of
the Amish in Lancaster. They were expert hand quilters!

The quilting designs, however, are unusual for Lancaster.
Of particular note are the wonderful quilting designs in the green alternate blocks;
we have not seen this configuration in Lancaster Amish quilts before.

Also rather rare is the border treatment. This quilt maker "split" the inner border

which resolves with a tiny Ninepatch in each of the inner corners.

All wools, this beauty has the
gorgeous glowing and often unexpected colors
we associate with Lancaster Amish quilts.

with even mellowing of some of the original colors.
The overall color, as it is now, is very subtle and beautiful.

The color of the large corner blocks was very difficult to capture ...
the color is a tan with a walnut-y hue, and it is even all over.
On our screen it looks a bit "spotty," but in life, it is not... nice and even...

The back is a beautiful green cotton which shows the great quilting.

Quilt will come with official paperwork
documenting that it is part of the Esprit Quilt Collection (acc #585.083)

Price: $8,250  HOLD

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