double anvil


Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Michigan
62 x 80 inches
Top made Circa 1900
Quilt finished Circa 1980
Cottons and cotton blends

Here's a very nice "Old/New" quilt for a little bit of money.

Sometime in the 1980s,
my mother asked a quilter to
finish an antique blue and white quilt top.

The quilt maker did a good job, finishing the late 19th century quilt top with
lovely hand quilting and a separately applied binding.

My Mom used the quilt ~ though it is still in EXCELLENT CONDITION.
It is strong and sturdy ~ flat and lightweight.

However somewhere along the line the quilt acquired a stain
(definitely not urine... just sayin' ...)
See second block down on the left side of the full photo below.

We have washed the quilt once, expecting the stain to lift.
The stain lightened, but did not come out fully.

We decided to sell the quilt "as is" ...
very clean, but discolored in that one area only.

With the right treatment, we are confident the stain will lift out.

Price: SOLD

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