feathered star

Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Michigan
86 x 86 inches
Circa 1860

~ Civil War Era Beauty ~

Probably made before the American Civil War,
here is a very complex and sophisticated variation
of the traditional "Feathered Star" design.

The piecing is extraordinary ~ SO precise!

Many, many pieces in this graphic treasure, almost all of them triangular...
and some of them very small:
The smallest triangles measure 1 inch by 0.75 by 0.75 inches.

This early quilt maker also must have gotten an A++ in mathematics;
she worked out her patterns perfectly and symmetrically.
Check out the borders and corners!

And what quilting! The superb hand quilting
is executed with tiny, even stitches at about
10 - 11 per inch, counting one side only.

The white areas are beautifully quilted in elegant floral and geometric designs.

The pieced design is organized so as to flip back and forth,
visually, from design to ground,
highlighting the negative space at times.

What a Quilt!

Excellent Condition.

Price: $3,150  HOLD

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