whig's defeat


Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Colorado
66 x 84 inches
Circa 1880

The name of this wonderfully graphic design, "Whig's Defeat" refers to the 1844 (narrow) defeat of Henry Clay, a "Whig," to Democrat James Polk.

By the time this quilt was made, 30 or so years later, the political sentiment celebrating the "Whig's Defeat" may well have cooled.

But the traditional design, a very appealing one, lived on!

This example, made circa 1880, represents the work of a very skilled needlewoman.

The pattern itself, with its pieced curved seams and elongated points is quite difficult to execute. This quilt maker was also an excellent hand quilter, and had a great eye for color and proportion.

The hand quilting, executed at about 8- 9 stitches per inch (counting one side only),
is marvelous.

She filled the central red areas with tight "hanging diamonds,"
and quilted the fan-shaped red sections with very tight multiple curving lines.

The quilt maker covered every inch of the white ground
with tiny little quilted clamshells, giving the quilt a lovely overall texture
without calling too much attention to the quilting.

The work quilting and the pieced design are balanced ~
they work hand in hand.

Excellent Condition
with no holes, tears, or fabric weakness.
The quilt maintains its original vibrant, appealing colors.

Recently professionally washed, so this strong, sturdy
lightweight quilt is fresh and clean
and ready for your wall or bed.

Price: $1,950


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