missouri daisy


Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Michigan
70 x 82 inches
Circa 1940

A Happy Quilt !

"Missouri Daisy" is a charming 20th century variation of the simple Eight Point Star, traditionally called "Le Moyne Star."

Here each section of the Star has an added "gathered" central petal.

The pattern was first published in the Kansas City Star newspaper in the 1930s.

This all cotton example, with the "Daisies" set off within purple and yellow grids,
is chock full of cheery 1930s and 1940s prints, most of them floral.

This one is in Excellent Condition
with no holes, tears, stains, fading or fabric weakness.
Strong and sturdy.

Hand quilted in nice even stitches.
The quilt maker chose simple quilting in the Stars,
with double ellipses in the purple set. (Almost like the symbol for INFINITY...)

Flat and square and of light to medium weight
and finished with a separately applied solid yellow cotton binding.

Price: $335
(click on photo for larger image)