kids at play crib quilt

crib quilt

Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Kansas
36 x 55 inches
Circa 1940


A fabulous "retro" piece ~ and this is the Real Thing:
an authentic 1940s hand appliqued crib quilt,

This dear quilt has been professionally washed ~
to remove some minor storage soil. The quilt appeared unused.

It is in near-perfect condition.
No holes wear, tears, fabric weakness, fading or stains...

Clean, fresh, and bright ...

The totally charming figures ~ having lots of 40's Fun ~
are beautifully hand appliqued.

The hand quilting,
executed at about 8 - 9 small, even stitches per inch
(counting one side only),
is dense ... in crosshatch and clam-shell designs.

The blue and white borders frame this piece so well,
and the skilled quilt maker added a separately applied white binding.

Ready use (or hang) in that Special Kid's room!

Price: $585

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