lemoyne star

Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in New Jersey
84 x 96 inches
Circa 1840

... A "Blanket of Stars" ...

Prior to the Civil War, most printed fabrics were imported to the United States.
Our own textile industry was in its infancy.
This "Grande Dame" is a gorgeous example of an early quilt, circa 1840s,
made from expensive, imported print fabrics.

The diagonal grid surrounding the blocks set on point
add an elegant solidity to the design.

We love how the quilt maker framed many LeMoyne Stars ~

with the wonderful Dog-tooth border on all four sides.

She finished with another exceptional touch ~
please note, in the next-to-last photo,
the "Trenton tape" binding.

Ample in size (84 x 96 inches), this quilt would fit on a large modern bed.

The condition is remarkable ~ there is no apparent fabric weakness at all.
Sturdy, with no holes or tears.

There is slight fading here and there, throughout,
and some areas of light discoloration.
The quilt has been washed recently, but the light stains remain.

Hand quilted at about 8 stitches per inch, counting one side only.
"By the piece," and a variety of other quilting designs. (See last photo)

A wonderful, very early example of the American quilt maker's art!

Price: $825

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