bow ties

Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in California
70 x 80 inches
Circa 1920

Handsome ... Handsome

This early 20th century Bowties quilt has
an unusual combination of colors.
Check out the details photos below.

The quilt maker was very careful in organizing her colors:
She used two blue prints --
the lighter one on the outside borders.

She used a third blue print on the back,
this one brighter and more representative of the 1920s era
than the others.

And she distributed her three different "mourning" prints
very effectively.
We like the way this looks and feels.

The quilt is in good condition.
It has been washed and so is soft.

The maker hand quilted inside of every piece,
strengthening the quilt and giving it an
architectural quality.

Price: $375

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