grandmother's flower garden


Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Michigan
54 x 74 inches
Circa 1930

 ~ Perfect for That Single Bed ~

Made as a spread for a twin or single bed,
this little beauty would work on a larger bed as well.

with no wear, tears, fading, stains or fabric weakness.

The wide hand quilted Jade Green borders surround a precisely pieced
and tidily hand quilted center of small-scale hexagons
 arranged in the pattern known as "Grandmother's Flower Garden."

Each one of of the more than 1000 small hexagon units is only
slighter larger than a quarter (coin).  Each seam measures only 1/2 inch!

The all-he white areas are entirely made of small hexagons, too.

The quilt maker chose to use the green of the framing border to create
a path of the same color green wandering through her cheerful, colorful garden.

This choice establishes a structure that frames and "contains" the wide variety of
 typical 1930s cotton floral prints which make up the hexagonal "flowers."

In the tradition of the time, the quilt maker also used a nice solid yellow
for the center of all the "flowers."

All but one that is!
Check out the one red center hexagon center piece near the center bottom.

Beautifully made with a separately applied green cotton binding.

A charming and pleasing example of a classic 1930's era American quilt.
Ready to use on a bed, or to hang on the wall.

 Price:  $365

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