irish chain crib quilt

Doll Quilt

Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Iowa
30 x 20 inches
Circa 1930

Teeny Tiny Pieces...

Here is a charming circa 1930's doll quilt,
 with a variety of printed colors, dominated by solid blue and white.

The quilt maker ran the lovely blue through the quilt 
to create the diagonal chain effect, and then surrounded the colorful 
center with the same solid blue in a wide border.

The quilt maker put lots and lots of work into this little treasure;
we presume the child for whom it was made was much treasured, too!

She hand quilted it in tiny, even stitches... on the diagonal and throughout.

Little used, this crib quilt is in EXCELLENT CONDITION 
with no wear or fabric weakness.

Professionally washed
bright and clean  and ready for a child or a wall.

Price: $435

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