jacob's ladder indigo/white

Jacob's Ladder
Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in
72 x 72 inches
Circa 1880

Every Angle!

It strikes us how angles and geometry dominate
every inch of this "very planned" 19th century graphic stunner.

Check the Dogtooth borders ~  and how the pieces meet at the corners.
This skilled quilt maker could measure, cut and sew precisely!

The indigo and white piecing all but screams "geometry,"
and even the more subtle quilting pattern perfectly complements that piecing.

The dense hand quilting in tiny, even stitching runs through the piecing
in excruciatingly tight "geometric" crosshatch design.

The play between the proportions of the piecing and the
 quilting design is masterful.

SO pleasing!

She used all cottons, and separately applied a blue cotton binding.

Quilt is in Excellent Condition


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