the drunkard's trail

The Drunkard's Trail
Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Texas
69 x 82 inches
Circa 1960

Wonderful Southern Quilt

We bought this mid-20th century quilt from a woman 
who was told that the quilt was made in "Texas ... probably Tyler, Texas."

Unfortunately, that is all the provenance she was given on it.

Wherever it was made, we think it's terrific!  

Graphically stunning, with unusual and great color, 
wouldn't it be great on either a wall or a bed?

We know several people who would "build a room" around this one!
One of them is writing this description and just may buy it!

Excellent Condition.

The quilt maker hand quilted it in the Clamshell or Baptist Fan design.

Price: $950

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