Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Texas
60 x 78 inches
Circa 1940

is the name that the Lockport Cotton Batting Company in New York State
gave to this pattern in 1940.

Here is an image of a "flyer" or ad from Lockport.
"Slumberland" is pictured in the middle of the third row down.

You can see that the woman who made our Slumberland quilt
re-organized (and edited down) the charming blocksto suit herself ~
or her (no-doubt-about-it) beloved child.

She also added very pleasing and complex borders,
that frames this little treasure perfectly.

How great would this be on the wall of a cherished child in your life?
Good size for hanging:  60 x 78 inches.

Entirely hand made and hand embroidered ~
some of the blocks have embroidered details, like smoke from the train,
 or the words of a saying relevant to the image.
(See detail photos)
The quilt has been used, but it remains in very good condition.

We had the blue cotton binding replaced with vintage fabric as it was rough,
 and the very small corner (green) blocks are starting to wear.
(See photos below)

The quilt is flat and lightweight.

Beautifully hand quilted in dense crosshatch diamonds all over the quilt.
The small, even stitches are executed at a very fine 8 per inch, counting one side only.

A True Labor of Love...

Price:  $OLD

(click on photo for larger images)


Green corners have wear -- 3 like this -- minor,

and the one below is by far the worst...