quaker one patch quilt


Unknown Quilt Maker
Descended in the (Quaker) Mohns Family
96 x 96 inches
Circa 1860

... ELEGANCE ...

We bought this quilt in the 1970s in Northern California from
Reverend (Robert?) and Mrs. Mohns.

These lovely people told us it had been made in his family (Mohns),
in Ohio before the Civil War.

It is, indeed, a wonderful example of early Quaker quilts, with classic characteristics:
Worked in fine silks, it is a simple patchwork design, embellished with  
exceptionally fine and dense hand quilting.

Notice that the all of the teal squares are hand quilted with graceful feathered wreaths,
 while the middle row, here the one that is vertical inverts that design.
 Check it out in our photos below.

The quilt maker chose tiny clam shell design for the alternate blocks
and multiple cables for the quilting in her borders.

Then quilting is executed beautifully at about 8 - 9 small even stitches per inch
(counting one side only).  The quilting threads are in non-contrasting colors,
 which adds a subtle dimensional quality to the piece.

The back is a gorgeous solid brown polished cotton.

Simply elegant.  Simply: elegant.

As you can see in the photos below, there is some color loss
intermittent but throughout.

The quilt is intact, except at the binding where the silks are starting to weaken.
Priced accordingly.

This classic but fragile beauty is a rare treasure.

Price:  $385

(click on photos for larger images)