wild goose chase

Wild Goose Chase
Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in California
75 x 75 inches
 Circa 1880

Early Christmas!

A beautifully made, late 19th century example of the traditional
"Wild Goose Chase."

This center section is precisely pieced and is framed wonderfully:

First, the quilt maker added an inner Sawotooth border.
 Then a wide white border, and then...

She created a very unusual finish with a separately applied binding
which she brought around from the back to the front,
ending in an appliqued scalloped "border" in printed green cotton.

Her hand quilting is dense and expertly executed.
Check the photos to see that she did double lines and "double ravioli" quilting.

Excellent Condition

Great for a bed, a wall, or stacked....

Price: $850

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