windblown tulips

Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Oregon
68 x 98 inches
Circa 1940

Christmas in March!

Here's a really good example of a pattern
~"Windblown Tulips" ~ 
that became quite popular in the 1930s and 1940s.

The pattern was a commercial one, and has an interesting history, with some
minor intrigue and questions about "ownership" of the design...

I am told by those "in the know about such things,
 that this version is closest to the pattern
 published by Mountain Mist, but very similar to
 an earlier version, likely created by Marie Webster,
 to whom credit was not given by MM.

We most often see the design in more pastel colors,
and here, in nice red and green, it becomes celebratory and quite graphic!

This beauty is beautifully hand quilted, with quilting executed at 9 - 10 
stitches per inch (counting one side only).

The quilting is done "by the piece" and with stylized florals in the white areas.

Recently professionally washed, the clean is bright and clean 

Well made, flat and light weight, 
with a separately applied, 
 > very narrow <
Nile Green cotton binding.

Price:  SOLD

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