log cabin

Summer Quilt
Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected (and probably made) in Pennsylvania
74 x 85 inches
Circa 1890

Those Pennsylvania Germans!

We bought this exuberant summer quilt in Pennsylvania about 25 years ago.
We sold it to a very appreciative CA couple, who are now
culling their large collection.

So, we have an old friend back again, and are delighted to be offering it again.

 Crisp and Sturdy!

In Near-Mint Condition after 120 or so years, the colorful cottons
have maintained their vibrancy all these years.

This all original "summer quilt" has no filling (batting)
so it is lightweight with two layers.

The quilt maker constructed her quilt "on foundation,"  using some
gorgeous "madder" late 19th century printed fabric which now serves as the back.
(See last two photos!)

The quilt maker used "those" cheerful, bright colors for her Log Cabin center section,
and surrounded it with what they sometimes call "Piano Key" borders.

There are a few small, very light discolorations in the cottons,
inconspicuous amongst the riot of color.

The quilt is separately bound in a beautiful solid mahogany cotton,
 and the skilled piecer rounded the corners,  a finishing touch we always love...

 A Pennsylvania German treasure!

Price: $750

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