Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Ohio
72 x 92 inches
Circa 1930

Even Better Than Its Photos!

This beautiful 1930s quilt is a treasure...

It just has "IT," if you know what we mean ... actually way better in real life.
(We need the right "weather" for best photos -- haven't had it for a while...)

Excellent Condition ~ No Apologies. 
Flat, lightweight, square.
 Crisp with no wear, tears, holes or fading.  Retains its original color.

It's a generous size (72" x 92"), large enough to work with on a modern bed. 
Or just hang,  or fold it ~ ready to go.

Hand quilted at a very respectable 8 to 9 nice, even stitches per inch, 
counting one side only...

The quilt maker finished her very well made and cheery piece 
with a green printed inner border  and a flat, wide separately applied binding.

Price: $1,250

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