pastel bars

Unknown Quilt Maker
Probably Pennsylvania
70 x 88 inches
Circa 1930

Unusual Bars ... or Joseph's Coat

Here's a later example of a Pennsylvania favorite design, usually called 
"Stripes," "Bars," or "Joseph's Coat of Many Colors."

Most of those we see were made circa 1880 - 1900,
 and the colors in the earlier ones are almost always deeper, often "Rainbow" colors. 

There is no mistaking these colors for anything but later 20th century!

It is also rare to see the Stripes turned 90 degrees as they are here on one end.  
Makes it quite flag-like, if hung horizontally...

Beautifully hand quilted, with cables filling every one of the stripes. 
The excellent quilting measures about 8 - 9 stitches per inch, counting one side only.

Simple in design, but very well made. Note the slightly rounded corners 
and the narrow binding.

Excellent Condition.

Price:  $450 ..... 510-409-0826

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