crossed tulips

Unknown Quilt Maker
Probably Pennsylvania
78 x 78 inches
Circa 1900

Amazing Borders...

We do not remember seeing this border treatment before ...
... what an idea!

The central design is a traditional one, often referred to "Cross Tulips."

This quilt maker distinguished her quilt by surrounding the Four Block center
with unusual, energetic constructs of slashes and triangles!

Her choice to combine edgy, geometric borders with a flowing floral center
gives the quilt both a balance and an appealing graphic strength.

In Excellent, Near-Mint Condition

The quilt appears unused ~ it is crisp, flat and lightweight,
 with a few minor light stains,
and some color change in the leaves of Tulips ~ as is visible in the photos.

A well made quilt ~ hand quilted in fine, even stitches,
which outline the shapes and lend depth and texture to the quilt.

Separately bound with pink cotton.

Price: $1,850

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