coxcomb applique

Unknown Quilt Maker
Probably Southern United States
68 x 86 inches
Circa 1910

~ From A Major California Collection ~

Sandra McPherson is a poet, publisher and professor of English 
at the University of California at Davis.

She is also a major quilt collector who has given many
 of her documented African American quilt to the University of CA Art Museum.

This Four Block "Coxcomb" applique quilt is not documented, 
and so it is among several other quilts Sandra is now selling.

Sandra has a developed eye, and a taste for quilts of strong design
with a no-frills, straightforward approach.

This (probably Southern) folk art beauty is distinguished 
by borders made of repeated single leaves of the type found inside.  

Sturdy, Excellent Condition, with a few small, light scattered stains. 
 The color is strong ~ red and white are fine; the green dye was
 what is called "fugitive, and has changed to various shades over the years.

Flat and lightweight.
The quilt maker applied a separate Double Pink cotton binding. 

The needlework is quite fine on this piece. 
The applique and reverse applique is very well done. 

Hand quilted at 9 stitches per inch, counting one side only.  
Stitched in wave or "echo" quilting, 
which outlines the applique forms with radiating hand stitched lines.

This quilting gives much movement ~
A (small) graphic piece which would be perfect for hanging.

Price: $750

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