Mourning Sampler Red and Whited

Unknown Quilt Maker(s)
Collected in Washington State
71 x 76 inches
Dated: "1893"

Mourning Quilt

Sadly, we have no real history on this unusual, intriguing late 19th century quilt.
We bought it in Olympia, Washington, but the previous owner knew nothing about it.
So we have begun to decipher the clues in it, and have an
educated guess as to its purpose.

The quilt is initialed in many places, and so can safely be categorized as a
 Signature or Friendship Quilt.  Most of the blocks are different patchwork patterns,
 and so it is also classified as a "Sampler Quilt."

But who made it, how many made it, and ... why ... remains a mystery. 
One block is embroidered with the name "Victoria Hahn (?)" with the date "18.93."

Another block appears to be signed "Bertha Coon" 
We have begun some simple genealogical searching for these names...
Promising.  A great project for the right person.

The very center block ~ with a draped cross ~ is intriguing, indeed, and strongly suggests 
that this may well be a quilt memorializing a special someone: "E. D."

 Hand quilted, rather simply, and in Very Good Condition. 

Price:  $1,050

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