amish puss in the corner

Unknown Amish Quilt Maker
Mifflin County, Pennsylvania
72 x72 inches
Circa 1940
Wools, cottons

While Lancaster County is the most well-known residence to the Amish in Pennsylvania,
Mifflin County, situated close to the middle of the state (in "Big Valley"),
is home to other quilt-making Amish communities.

To quote the distinguished author and scholar Janneken Smucker:

"Mifflin County, Pennsylvania, is home to three different Amish groups. 

The Nebraska Amish are also known as the “White Toppers” 
because of the chosen white color of their carriage tops
(The Nebraska Amish) ... are the most conservative of the three Mifflin County Amish groups. 
Their quilts normally incorporate shades of brown, blue, purple and gray in 
such patterns as One Patch, Four Patch, Nine Patch and Bars."
This quilt, a variant on the traditional Ninepatch, is known as "Puss in the Corner," 
and was likely one made by those confusingly-named "Nebraska" Amish in Mifflin Co., PA.

Smucker again:
(“ 'Nebraska' refers to an Amish bishop who returned to PA from Nebraska 
in an attempt to reconcile a schism between the Nebraska Amish
and a less conservative splinter group').

This example, in colors characteristic in Mifflin County, is in Excellent Condition. 
It appears to be little used ~ is crisp and sturdy
The piecing is a bit crude, but the quilt is square and is flat.

Hand quilted in dark thread, typical of Amish quilts, and in simple large X's.
The quilting is very finely executed, another hallmark of Amish quilts.

Blue cotton printed back.

Price:  $485 ..... 510-409-0826

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