framed ninepatch

Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in South Central Illinois
68 x 83 inches
Circa 1960
Cottons and blends
McPherson Collection

Quilt as Game Board?

My first thought seeing this was "Floating Dominoes."

Here's what our artist friend Joe Cunningham opined:

"The most obvious aspect of this is that it could be the prototype for the  
Modern Quilt movement. 

It has those mid-century colors, the requisite negative space,
and the playful approach to pattern.

It is an essay on how free your sashing can get."

In Excellent Condition with no wear, stains or fading.
Crisp. Flat and lightweight. Hand quilted.

This quilt looks great on a wall,
The soothing colors make it very pleasing to look at,
and the design has just enough movement to keep it interesting.

Muslin sleeve has been added to the back for display.

Price: $950

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