Lurecea Outland
76 x 88 inches
Cottons, cotton blends, double knits
McPherson Collection

 African American Quilt  
*  Impressive Provenance  *

In the late 1980's  Sandra McPherson, a major collector in her own right,
  purchased this quilt from the legendary collector, Robert Cargo.

The Cargos' Collection of African American quilts is now part of 
the International Quilt Study Center and Museum in Lincoln, NE

This "Frames" quilt was made by Lurecea Outland of Alabama. 
Ten other examples of Outland's quilts are included in the Museum's Collection.

The quilt is in Excellent Condition 
with no wear, tears, holes, fabric weakness, fading or stains.
Professionally washed.

Simply hand quilted in stitched lines that bring even more life 
to Outland's colorful, sophisticated graphics.

Our artist friend, Joe Cunningham, commented on the quilt
from a design perspective:

"What predominates in the design here is the center pink rectangle in its yellow frame. 
Because each block has it, it is difficult at first to see 
just how much musical interplay there is among the other elements of the design. 

The slashed tan strips top and bottom, the zigzag lattice strips that give way to the plaid, 
the way the blocks seem to have been made in pairs, 
all contribute to its oddly serious composure. 

The quilting flows freely across the block pattern.  
Looking closely you can see how the quilter around the frame reached in as far as she could,
quilted in, toward herself."

A stunning American textile with a known history and maker.

Price: $OLD

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