jacob's ladder


Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Georgia
 68 x 82 inches
Circa 1940
McPherson Collection

 Not Afraid of Color!

This quilt maker had a great eye for color and design... 

Here is how our friend Robert Shaw describes this beauty:

"Imaginative and unpredictable scrappy mixture of  forms and colors
in a wide variety of solid and patterned fabric.

The light early spring greens provide a cool background for the pastel pink and blue
while the squares, triangles, and strips of black keep the eye moving.

The two large yellow rectangles in the wide outer of border
balance the large central square of stripes,
while the three red squares  below set up another strong visual rhythm."

Hand quilted, with back brought around to the front to created the binding.

Excellent Condition.
Looks very little used ~ retains its original, vibrant color.

 Price: $725

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