log cabin variant

Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Alabama
68 x 86 inches
Circa 1950
McPherson Collection

"A Flowering Bush ..."

Here is what our artist friend, Joe Cunningham said if this quilt:

'To me this quilt looks, in spite of its geometric elements,
like a flowering bush.

Whether or not the quilter intended it,
the colors seem to have been taken straight from a flower garden.

Like most pieced quilts, it is made of blocks set in a grid,
but the quilter did not feel the need to make the grid of regular size units.

The result is more or less a collection of perspectives,
a set of ways to make and view this idea of a block pattern.

Each block is like a view down a different corridor."

Made mid-20th century, the quilt is in Excellent Condition.
No wear, tears, holes, fading or stains.

It is hand quilted in parallel lines, some horizontal and some vertical.
 to great effect.

Price:  $OLD

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