prince's feather and butterflies

Unknown Quilt Maker
80 x 80 inches
Circa 1950
McPherson Collection

~  One-of-a Kind  ~
This quilt came to Collector Sandra McPherson without information on its history.
We are left to wonder; this one surely holds an interesting story.

The quilt maker combined two traditional designs, but in a unique way.
You would not likely mistake this quilt for any other you have seen.

The Butterflies in the inner borders are recognizable:
They are based ona commercial pattern designed by Alice Brooks/Laura Wheeler
in the 1930's.

The center medallion has an unusual interpretation of "Prince's Feather,"
 this one with four major feathers and swirling flower balls.

Crisp ~ with no wear, fading or stains. Appears little-used, if at all.

Hand quilted, very well, and in an interesting way --
boxes, cables and small scale clamshells.

It's the concept here that got our attention ~ wondering what the quilt maker
 might have had in her playful mind.

She may well have been a rural woman, one who lived among
the flowers and butterflies...

The back of the quilt is made of chicken feed sacks ~
the kind printed with brand names

Whoever she was, this skilled quilt maker had her own idea of
how to "mix it up."  She mixed well.

Price: $585 ..... 510-409-0826
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