mariner's compass

Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Missouri
80 x 84 inches
Circa 1870

One of These "Compasses" is Different ...
?? Can you find it ??

Mariner's Compass is a very loved traditional American quilt design,
 but it is quite difficult to execute, so we don't see it frequently.

 A pieced design ~ not appliqued ~  Mariner's Compass 
 requires rather advanced needlework skills.  

Curved seams and elongated points are not for beginners!
This quilt maker excelled at needlework, design and hand quilting!

Circular quilted wreaths mimic the curves of the Compasses,
with dense crosshatch connecting all the wreaths. 
The top and bottom wider borders are stitched with multiple cable designs.

Small, even quilting stitches, measuring 8 to 9 per inch, counting one side only.

We find this handsome quilt, with warm brown tones and cheddar against white,
 a very visually pleasing example.  The inner sawtooth borders are a great addition.

It is beautiful on a wall or a bed ~ (we looked!) ~
and it is a pretty good size for a modern bed, measuring 80 x 84 inches.

Excellent Condition

It appears unused; crisp and was likely never laundered. 
Light pencil lines remain where s/he marked the quilting designs.
There area few scattered light stains.

Flat, square and lightweight.
 Separately bound with a narrow cotton binding. 

A fine textile.

Price: $885

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