ruby mckim nursery rhyme quilt

Ruby McKim 
Nursery Rhyme Quilt
Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Michigan
66 x 86 inches
Circa 1925

Near-Mint Condition

Ruby Short McKim was a writer, painter, businesswoman, and quilt designer 
working in the 1920s and 1930's. 

McKim's many commercial patterns, primarily embroidered squares, 
were very, very popular with American women during that time.

This pattern for this one, called simply Nursery Rhyme Quilt
 was first published in 1922 by the McKim Studios.

This hand embroidered single bed quilt, with McKim's Nursery Rhyme figures.
appears to have not been used.  It is is crisp, near-mint condition.

It is very well executed and ready to use, on a bed or on a wall.

Simply quilted, all by hand, and with tiny, and very even, consistent stitching.

Price: $OLD

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